advocacy for hope

One Woman Trying to Make a Difference

 "If we could all find something to get passionate a

bout, we could change the world."   

— Barbara Gilbert     














 Barbara's Village

     While listening to a radio program 14 years ago, Gilbert learned about the housing crisis in Jamaica. Despite her own financial concerns, she was moved with compassion and pledged to buy a family a home in a year’s time.

After going on a Food For The Poor pilgrimage, she dedicated herself to helping the poor of Jamaica and vowed to give a family a house each year for the rest of her life.

Barbara's Village opened in 2006.

The Barbara's Village Too project exceeded the goal of building 50 houses in 2008. 

Introducing My Current Project!!! 

Ann's Angels Adaptive Waterski Foundation

 Ann's Angels Waterski Foundation is based in Winter Haven, Florida and provides adaptive waterski events and clinics for children and adults with disabilities including our military veterans.  This program provides a therapeutic recreation that reduces anxiety and depression while improving the well-being and quality of life. Six years ago when my son, Steven Walker became a quad amputee, we found this program and experienced first hand the impact it is making on lives and it is run by all volunteers!

To kick off this new fundraising project, I will be donating one night of tips a month, as I am a server.  This is how I paid for 4 homes in Jamaica for families.  I also used this method during the hurricane in Texas when I donated a shift from each of my 2 server jobs (over $300) to aid fellow Chuy's employees who had been impacted by this storm. It works!  


Celebration of Life School

Project complete! School built July 2011

Ellersie Soccer Complex

While touring Ellersie Gardens, one of the largest slum areas of Jamaica on a trip several years ago Ms. Gilbert witnessed people of all ages playing soccer, barefooted, with a torn ball, on a tiny field with ragged wooden soccer goals.

The soccer complex was dedicated on June 24, 2009, with Jamaican dignitaries, the major donors and soccer officials and players in attendance. Through the power of this beautiful sport an entire community will be transformed. Over 1000 kids are already signed up to play on these fields.